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  Visual Basic Or Java 2

This course will cover the fundamentals of software development using the popular language - Visual Basic. The topic include : design, compiling, linking, executing and debugging. Additional contents include : user interface concepts, data base management, custom controls, data types, procedures, modules, decisions, repetition, random access file, graphical display, controls and objects etc.

8 hours $360 - Introduction
16 hours $550 - Intermediate

VB 語言及Java 語言是多用途的通用性語言,Java 為近年來發展最快的程式語言•它具有簡潔的運算式與極少的關鍵字(約30個左右)主體雖小但活力十足,能夠創造出令人驚嘆的效果 從事系統程式設計者所必修。

  ( 8小時 360 初級班 )

 ( 16小時 720 高級班 )