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  QUICKEN - Personal Financial  

For the past few years, Quicken has become more and more popular because it's so inexpensive and easy to use.  This course shows you how to use Quicken in banking, printing your own checks, and creating records on your bank statement, credit card or investments.  

4 hours  $140

個人財務處理軟體 (Quicken )

這類軟體近幾年特別受到歡迎,因為它簡單實用,軟體價格也特別低廉。本課程學習如何運用Quicken 作銀行對帳表、列印支票、信用卡記錄表、投資記錄表、收支表等。( 四小時 140 )

Table of Content

bulletCreate Bank Account, credit card account, cash account
bulletEnter transaction with categories in register
bulletWrite and print check
bulletModify categories
bulletEnter split transaction
bulletView report of inflow and outflow (summary or itemized)
bulletView graphic of report
bulletCustomize report and save report as memorized report