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        MICROSOFT WORD            Workbook

  Microsoft Word is one of the most popular word processing software all over the world.  This course provides all the basic and advanced features you need to know in order to use a word processor.  Word caters to your needs whether you are writing a short memo or creating complicated documents. 

Our instructors takes you through Word step-by-step using a set of complete hands-on exercises and lab assignments.  These assignments cover all the fundamentals you need to know regarding this software.  In each well-designed, self-paced assignment, you will learn the operations easily and efficiently.  Each assignment focuses on a particular feature or a related set of operations to complete a particular task.  A print-out example is available to guide you as you learn.  This course is one of our principal courses.    

8 hours $240
12 hours $350

文書處理軟體 ( Microsoft Word ) :

Microsoft Word 是目前最熱門而廣被運用的的文書處理軟體,此軟體也是學習電腦第一個必學的運用軟體,它功能最廣,用途最普及。本課程學習如何用此軟體打字、編輯文件、文書及報告。學習如何將文件儲存、修改及印出。本課程及試算表軟體課程也是本中心強勢課程之一,有完備書籍講義及進階就業訓練,可到達非常專業的水準。

( 8小時 240  中級班 )

( 12小時 350  進階班 )