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Windows XP/Windows Vista

Windows XP is the foundation of all other application programs.  This course contains

(1) the basic operations of Windows, including Windows Explorer, installing programs, reading and using CD-ROM, DVD, ReWritable, Creating Folders, Copying/Moving Files, etc.  

(2) Advanced features

       2 hours $80

Table of Contents

(1) Basic

  1.     Introduction to the Keyboard
  2.     Introduction to Computer Systems
  3.     How to Start, Find a Program, and Leave
  4.     How to Quickly Find and Open Recently Used Files
  5.     Resize and Move Windows
  6.     Understanding Windows Explorer
  7. .   How to Create Your Own Folder
  8. .   How to Manipulate Files

    A. How to copy a file
    B. How to move a file
    C. How to delete a file
    D. How to rename a file
    E.  How to send a file to USB drive

  1.     How to Switch Between Programs (Multitasking) 
  2.    How to Copy & Format a Disk
  3.    How to Change the Wallpaper/Background and Font Size
  4.    How to Read CD-ROM, DVD and use ReWritable CD Drive
  5.    How to Install New Software
  6.    How to Get Help

(2) Advanced Topics

  1. Find out the capacity (how much space) of your hard disk, USB or DVD/CD-ROM, how much unused space on them.
  1. How to create a shortcut of a file, folder or a program on desktop.
  1. How to install/uninstall a software to/from your pc.
  1. How to change language, country, date/time on your pc.
  1. How to change wallpaper (background).
  1. How to install additional language in your pc.
  1. Where to see the device properties of your system.
  1. Where to create a new Internet connection on your pc.
  2. How to magnify the words when you browse on monitor.
  3. Where to record your speaking and save a file on your pc, what is the device you need for recording ?
  4. Where to make and view a movie.
  5. How to clean up your disk to free more space on your pcs hard disk.
  6. Where to do disk defragment. (defragment means consolidates fragmented files and folder on your hard disk so it will access file and folder faster and more efficient.
  7. If you made some harmful change to your pc, how do you restore the system configuration back to the time when you have normal condition ?
  8. How to change your monitor resolution so your viewing size (zoom) on the screen will change.
  9. learn from Tour Windows XP.

( Windows ):

本課程教授 Windows 的基本視窗操作、檔案管理及其它重要功能。包括如何建立文件夾目錄、如何安裝軟體、如何閱讀光碟等Ct[hi@κץ\CWindows 是學習電腦及其它軟體重要的基礎。

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