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  This class teaches you how to design an application, which is suitable for a partial purpose.  For example, if you are trying to organize a huge volume of files, a database can be helpful.  This course is an advanced data processing course.  It requires prior software experience. 

8 hours $280 - Introduction
16 hours $550 - Advanced

Introduction to Microsoft Access
Access is a powerful database management system for microcomputers.  Introduction to Access , presents methods for performing basic database management tasks. Although no prior knowledge of databases is required, you should be familiar with basic computer operations.

Course Objectives

bulletUnderstand databases
bulletLearn basic database terminology

Lesson Topics

Lesson 1: Creating a Database
    Getting Started with Access
    Creating a Database File

Lesson 2: Working with Tables and Defining Table Relationships
    Viewing Information in a Table
    Printing a Datasheet
    Viewing the Table Design
    Creating Tables
    Creating a Table in Design View
    Adding a Field to a Table
    Deleting and Moving Fields

Lesson 3: Data Entry and Modification
    Creating Records
    Setting Field Properties
    Copying Records into a Table
    Editing Records in a Table
    Using the Undo Command
    Finding Records
    Deleting Records

Lesson 4: Maintaining and Querying a Database
    Creating a Query
    Applying Criteria to a Query
    Using Relational Operators in a Query
    Using Wildcards in a Query
    Sorting a Query
    Creating a Calculated Field
    Creating a Multiple-Table Query
    Printing a Query

Lesson 5: Designing a Form Using Form Tools and Custom Forms
    Using the Form Wizard
    Resizing and Moving a Control
    Adding a Label to a Form
    Setting Control Properties
    Adding Combo Box and Subform
    Adding Calculated Controls to a Main Form

Lesson 6: Designing and Custom a Report
    Creating a Report
    Customizing a Report
    Generating Mailing Labels
    Creating a Query for a Custom Report
    Sorting and Grouping Data in a Report
     Working with Controls in Design View

Lesson 7: Creating Advanced Queries and Enhancing Table Design
Using a List-of-Values Match in a Query
    Using an AutoFilter to Filter Data
    Creating a Parameter Query
    Using the Input Mask Wizard
    Defining Data Validation Rules

Lesson 8: Sharing, Integrating and Analyzing Data
Integrating Access with Other Programs
    Linking Data with Excel or Other Program

資料庫處理軟體 (Microsoft Access )


( 8小時 280 實用班 )

( 16小時 550  專業班 )

(公司軟體設計 750 )