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Hey, wuz up?  Welcome to my home!  As you continue reading my pages, you'll be amazed that how special I am, just like you.  But first let me introduce myself to you:

I'm from Taipei, Taiwan.  You must be wondering What Taiwan is like, and how different our life style is from that in the US.  Well, I can give you some examples so that you can gain a general picture.  I think some of you might've heard from people saying how good Taiwanese food is.  There are so many different kinds of food in Taiwan, not just local dishes.  If you've actually been to Taiwan, and tried the McDonald's there, I bet you wouldn't find America's McDonald's attractive no more.  It might sound like I'm exaggerating, but maybe I'm just too patriotic, just as much as you love America.  As you know, Taiwan is a small island.  So we hardly need to drive a car when going out to eat.  I think the nearest restaurant from my home takes only two minutes to get there by foot.  Find it hard to believe, huh?

Well, since I've introduced you so many good things about Taiwan, I must also give you some examples of disadvantages of living there.  Imagine, if you're in a restaurant, a stranger just sat down beside you, and share the same table with you, would you feel uncomfortable?  In Taiwan, this is a common thing.  So if you have the chance to visit Taiwan, don't be surprised if it happens.  Traffic and air quality there have always been a big headache either for Taiwanese citizens or the government.  The driver in Taiwan is not like the driver in the US, who will let you pass first.  The driver in Taiwan will even make a horn at you if you walk too slow.  They don't mean to be rude, but that's just the way they drive.