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Novae Pictures Overview

  • As a Chinese-American Studio established in 2008, Novae Pictures Inc. is involved in projects focusing on bringing the gaps between East and West.  A limited liability company headquartered in center of Los Angeles, California, Novae Pictures has developed a worldwide network for production and distribution that will allow independent writers, producers, directors, and creative artists an opportunity not afforded in the current paradigm. As a growing independent studio and entertainment brand, with a concentration on producing uniquely original inspiring stories as well as established franchise projects for global distribution.
  •  In the business of developing, producing, and performing high profile production-related services for the motion picture and television industries, Novae Pictures is currently preparing the production of “Lei of Memories” and “13 Daughters” for release in 2016.  In addition to those two projects, the Studio is actively developing a diverse slate of titles in the pipeline.  Some of the projects in review include:  “Bob Magoon”, feature length film  “   ”, feature length film
  • Novae Pictures believes that these projects will be highly profitable and rewarding ventures for the Company, creating a recognized reputation for Novae Pictures as an established independent Studio with a global presence.  Novae pictures is confident that this will help launch the Company onto a platform that allows for the development of other interests and projects.  Through these actions, Novae Pictures has set the stage for long-term growth, sustainability, and profitability.




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