M i r a c l e   C a s e s :



1.  Stomach Tumors

A 70 years old pastor is suffering from stomach tumors. After the third
operation in the hospital, the doctor abandoned him.

My treatments for him includes: Acupuncture and the Global herbs syrup. After few months, three wires made from the stainless steels were pushed out from his stomach that was the hospital used to tie up his intestine.          (Please see the pictures)




2.  Lung Disease

A 45-year-old male, is suffering from the lung disease that caused by mycobacterium SIMIAE.  A kind of fungi which colonize the patient's lung and erode the tissue. (The fungi eat up the lung tissue slowly). This is an incurable lung disease. The hospital only can "remove his major portion of diseased lung".  But after a year of operation, his symptoms are recurred. He is suffering not only bleeding from the respiratory system, but also suffering from Pneumonia and



Five months of Yin and Yang therapies and acupuncture treatments in my clinic. The final follow-up report from the hospital is: "Interval clearing of lung and no new abnormalities". And "There is no evidence of a new infiltrate or mass".  

(The original record on files)



                                    B e f o r e  &  A f t e r :

1.  Skin disease

A lady is suffering from skin disease for 7 years. She is so frustrated all the time, after two months treatments, a sweet smile appeared on her face and her husband sent a friendly note to me.     
 (Please see the picture).  











2.  Liver Cirrhosis

Three months of Yin and Yang treatments: A patient with "Moderate    Parenchyma liver disease (liver cirrhosis) that made her liver is small in size". After my treatments the liver size is from 5 cm increased to 6.5 cm., the scan report from the lab stated: "Slight improvement since 3 months ago". One more week she feels lots better and she goes back to her hometown to take the treatments that she doesn't have to pay the medical expenses.  

(The original report on files)

     3.  Kidney Disease

A medical report from a laboratory that shows the patient is suffering from  kidney disease  (Nephritis).  In April 1987, his blood test has 8 items showing abnormal. But at the end of my treatments, all 24 items blood test had normal range.

(The original report on files)


4.  Hepatitis-B


*  A 77 years old lady suffers from Hepatitis-B. Before my treatments, her liver function are:  AST is 3 times higher than normal; Gall function is 10 times higher than normal.  After only one-month treatments, her liver and gall function drop to normal.

(The original report on files)


 *  A 34-year-old male is suffering from Hepatitis-B for many years.  Before my treatments his liver function are:  SGPT is 8.7 times higher than normal; SGOT is 3 times higher than normal and his HbsAG is 545.  After my treatments, the SGPT and SGOT dropped to normal and the HbsAG dropped to 138.

    (The original report on files)




T e s t i m o n i a l


        1. Bronchitis and Asthma

I was getting weak about ten years ago, easy to get cold and cough for long time. Specially, I had very hard time to breathe in the winter. After few years, doctor told me I got asthma and bronchitis, I tried to visit good doctors and take all kinds of available medicine.   Generally speaking, it's very good in the beginning however, the medicine became ineffective after taking a certain time, I know I am going to suffer from the asthma for the rest of my life, because my condition is getting worse these few years, coughing, a lot of phlegm, out of breath in all seasons. I was lucky to know Dr. Frank Shyu by chance, he gave me his herb syrup, (actually, I took herbs before, but it's helpless).  It's miracle to me, my asthma was gone after one month, but I don't know I can get rid of this horrible asthma forever or not.  I can never thank Dr: Shyu enough to create such wonderful miracle for me. He saves my life and brings me back to a happy, strong and healthy person.    S.Y.Y.(Original copy on files)


2. Bronchial Attack

This is to certify that I S.K. have been a patient of Dr. Frank Shyu. Before I came to Dr. Shyu, I used to have acute bronchial attacks and it was very hard to breathe. I feel much better by taking Dr. Shyu's special herbs along with the acupuncture treatment given by him. I strongly recommend Dr. Shyu's treatment who have a bronchial problems. If any body has any question regarding above. Please call me at xxxxxxx   S.K.   (Original copy on files)


3. Skin Disease

*  Just a little note to thank you again for the way you helped my wife after all these years she has suffered.  There is not a blotch in her face and her scalp is as clear as can be. We'll drop in to see you at a later date. S.J. (Original copy on files)

*  I have suffered with Staph infection for 10 years and I've been to many doctors who did nothing but give me antibiotics.  Dr. Shyu is the first person to give me relief after so many years. I am grateful.  Sincerely  J. R. (Original copy on files)

4. Diabetes Insipidus

I suffered from diabetes insipidus for many years with symptoms of extreme thirst and frequent urination and have to use a very expensive medicine to keep it under control and I become very skeptical as to the long-range use of such medication.  I went to see Dr. Shyu and he started me on herbs for the problem. I am extremely happy and have had complete relief and feel great. I no longer have to take the heavy medication for my diabetes insipidus.  I can never thank Dr. Shyu enough for eliminating my problem.  A.P.    

(Original copy on files)


5. Cocaine Addiction

Doctor Shyu:  I came to you on Sept. 8, 1987. I'm desperate need of treatment for a cocaine habit, I had about 3 years off and on.  You accepted me in your program and designed treatment for my own need.  I am glad and happy to say today is my last treatment and I have successfully finished my 30 years program. I was very satisfied with your services.       Sincerely  G. A.  

(Original copy on files)



S p e c i a l i t y

A.  Ulcerative Colitis  

1.  According to my 30 years experience.  This is the new and the best treatment for the Colitis today.  It works positively and no side effect, no irritation.


2.  For the patient's confidence of these treatments, if the symptoms are not improved in three weeks, the treatment fee will be 100% refunded.


3.  Patient should take this treatment as soon as possible to avoid the surgery which is to remove the diseased colon and create an artificial opening to leave the waste.


4. After this treatments, patient will be no more abdominal pain, frequent bowel movement, diarrhea, bleeding and pain around the rectum.  In the end of this treatment, patient will get back to their normal life.  The surgery will be no more necessary.


5.  Patient must ask your doctor's opinion first and prepare all the copies of any examination before making an appointment.


6.  The treatment is combined with three procedures:


               a.  Herbs: 


                     1. Global medical herbs : To enhance the nutrient


                     2.  Chinese herbs syrup : To control bowels movement

                          stop diarrhea and remain large intestinal health.


                b.  Yin and Yang therapy

 1.  To stop bleeding and invigorate blood circulation.

 2.  To remove blood stasis and debridement.      

 3. To activate new tissue's growing and accelerate


             c.  Acupuncture

 1.  Stimulate the adrenal gland to balance the immune


  2.  Alleviate pain and relieve stomach cramp.


B.     Heart Disease 

My effective treatments for approaching heart problems maybe overwhelming than conventional medical treatments because the doctors uses the STATIN drugs such as: Calcium Channel Blocker, Beta-Blocker, etc., to lower blood pressure and cholesterol. However, it is not the smart way to treat the hypertension or heart patients.


Recently, I read one of the medical reports statistics revealed: "Not all the heart attack patient is high blood fat or high cholesterol". Another research discovered the followings:


1.  60% of the heart attack patient's cholesterol is normal.

2.  Most of the high cholesterol patients rarely feel chest pain or suffer heart attack.

3.  Even more unbelievable story is:  Most of Beta-blocker are not doing any improving treatment; sometimes even make symptoms getting worse.


Normally, after patient had a heart attack, the treatment in the hospital is bypass surgery or angioplasty. But this procedure is not the solution for most patients, because this procedures only helping small portion of the blood circulation. For the major part of circulation, like the arteries in the brain, in the neck or in the lung, bypass surgery is not doing any good at all, there are still a lot of gunk in the other part of the body, only improving the circulation for the heart is not a proper solution.


When people are getting older, the blood vessel, (particular the artery) accumulated so much residual, such as: cholesterol, blood platelet, blood cluster, calcium, fiber and protein, etc., all of these stuff should wipe off from our arteries, that's why I create an integrated treatments, which I use certain kind of global herbs along with acupuncture and liquid oxygen to wash out the residual, purify the blood, invigorate blood circulation, strengthen the heart muscle and balance the oxygen level to help the person who has heart or blood pressure problems.


My treatments for the heart disease as follows:

1.  The global herbs syrup for heart muscle and blood vessels

The most popular global herbs like Hawthorne, Dong-Gui, Butcher's

broom etc., are very effective for purifying the blood stream.


2.  The acupuncture for heart muscles and nerves   

Use the tiny acupuncture needles to stimulate the certain points for heart    muscles and nerves to strengthen the systolic and diastolic to normalize the heart pumping. Further more, some results of clinical studies indicate: the platelet adhesion is strongly inhibited by acupuncture stimulation and this stimulation would have on lowering Homocysteine levels and reduce the risk factor to avoid coronary arteries disease.        


3.  Liquid oxygen for heart function

Combine the liquid oxygen with global herbs to supply sufficient oxygen for the whole body and reduce the burden of the heart.  In the early stage of heart patient, maybe there is no significant symptoms, but after few years the heart become weaker and the oxygen saturation (%SPO2) level may be dropping from 98 to 94. It might cause severe damage.    


According to the above reality, I create the overall considerations for heart problems, including the nerves, the muscle, the blood vessels and the oxygen level.  These treatment packages will provide integrated reducing heart problem. The above three options is not only for the heart patients, whoever over 60 years or older but also needs at lease one kind of the prevention procedure to strengthen the heart function.  No matter how strong or healthy you are, you better take my advice to maintain your heart, if someone totally relies on EKG, or blood test, it is not smart way to keep you healthy; like the movie stars or celebrity, of cause they have the best examination, but heart attack still happens.


For the best conclusion of heart failure or heart attack, prevent it before is too late.



      C. Cancer Care

             My Yin and Yang therapies to against Cancer and prohibit
                it growing.

If you move a flower plant or luxuriant tree to a different environment with different quality of soil, it would gradually wither and fall. This is because of the unbalanced of acid and alkaline degrees and the difference in mineral (phosphorus, potassium, ammonia etc.) ratios that do not allow them to grow healthily; eventually they will be destitute and dying.


A small group of malignant cell may have no potential harm, but until they find a host body environment that is best for them to grow and expand, then the cancer cell will spread rapidly.


Now we could turn this situation around if we begin changing our body's interior circumstances before the malignant cells begin to multiply, the different circumstances will make the malignant cells going to wither and die under the new conditions since they are no longer have the original environment they seek out originally.


How do we transform our bodies by 180 degree to change the environment? For example, we all kike to drink alcohol, eat spicy food, enjoy nightlife, etc... No matter what kind of bad habits or behaviors that we originally had enjoyed, now we need to reverse it. No more drink, have sweet or vinegary food instead of spicy food, go to bed early, exercise, relax.... In other words, we need to transform the entire lifestyle, such as: white make it to black; cold make it to warm; yin make it to yang etc.,.  In the meantime, we also need to have a proper treatment under the western medical methods and the alternative herbs enhancement.  The malignant cannot continue living and surviving in our bodies, Eventually, we will be able to crash and destroy them completely.


    Dear friends, if you can follow the rules above, you will have a

    renewed   and   happy life in the future. May God bless you and

    Good   Luck! 






                   A d v i c e




For Heart Patients

1. The chief enemy for heart is heavy exercise and the best advice is relaxing and rest.


2.  If your doctor tells you to exercise, you only can have a brisk and slow walk, until you feel a little bit tired, stop it right away. Don't give your heart a burden.


3.  Don't be afraid to get up at night for urination and not drinking enough water before go to bed which can make your blood thicker and possibly create a chance to get stroke or heart attack in the morning between 4 to 7 o'clock.  If your blood is getting thicker, a tiny clot doesn't have enough strength to go through the small arteries, then the heart function is weaker in the morning while the metabolism is low.


4.  In the airplane if you travel, you better sit at aisle, not the window for easy stretching your legs and keep your lower extremity have good blood circulation to avoid the small clots to going up and block your lung or heart arteries.


5.  Cut one inch at the top of your sock, don't let your socks tie your legs too much and make the lower extremity circulate well to avoid the small blood clots become a dangerous elements.


6.  Light pounding on your chest to help your heart circulation (ask your doctor before do it), and avoid the clots blocking your crown artery, if you never have operation on your heart.  This is an exercise to help your heart circulate better.


7.  To shout few times everyday to let your heart and lung healthier.  This is an effective exercise for your heart and lungs, it is better than drugs.    


8.  Drink a quarter of your capacity red wine before go to bed.


9.  Most of the times, people getting stroke or heart attack is during the temperature changing too fast from hot to cold, especially during the early winter, and between 4 to 7 o'clock in the morning.  (Not only the heart patient or high blood pressure patients get stroke, some healthy person also get stroke or heart attacks without any symptom).


10.  Please don't care anybody mocking or laughing at you, always wear more clothes than others to keep your body warm.  (To keep the good blood circulation).  Remember: The "hot" makes your arteries expanding and the "cold" make it shrinking.


11.  No more swimming for the people who has heart or blood pressure problem, no matter the water is warm or cold.


12.  No more angry, no more stress, keep every thing peaceful.


13.  Dear friends, following my advice and keep your body healthy. If you are a doctor, be a good and decent doctor with your patients, expect every-body healthy, not sick.



                             For Cancer Patients:



                  A.  The common reasons people get cancer


1.  Poor blood circulation:  The system can't eliminate the wastes from the body, while the cancer cell get chance to develop.


2.  Weak immune system and metabolism:  Poor metabolism may produce mass free radicals to attack the immune system and normal cells. After a while the cells will become malignant change.


3. Smoking and drinking: Smoking causes lung cancer and heavy drinking cause liver cirrhosis first, then cancer.      


4.  Poor nutrition:  Gastrointestinal cannot absorb enough nutrition cause the body organs and systems can not function normally. 


5.  Pale complexion:  Low blood pressure, no appetite, no energy and suddenly weight loss without any particularly reason, that is the first stage of cancer developing.


6.  Unbalanced hormone:  If you are 50 or older, asks your doctor to balance your hormone level to avoid the cancer developing in the sex organ.


7.  Gene transmutation:  If the family has cancer history, you have to avoid all of above situations from the early age.


B.  The important knowledge for cancer patients


1.  If the heart is mal function and the metabolism is low, our body

     doesn't have enough inner oxygen flow, which can make a

     opportunities for the malignant cells to grow.


2.  During our lifetime we all have the risk to carry certain amount of the cancer cells. If you maintain yourselves in the good condition and excellent immunity, the bad cells most likely can be destroyed. But if you stay in the bad shape, the cancer could overcome the immune system and grow rapidly.


3. Some European hospitals have done the morbid anatomy to some patients after they passed away.  The evidence showed 50% of the patients who were over 75 years old have cancer cells existing in their bodies, however there were only 2 patients who actually died of cancer.


4.  Drinking a lot of water to have a normal excretion, that way the bad cells or germs can be excluded to the kidney instead of staying in the body mixing with the bladder membrane and cause potential damage.  At least it will minimize the possibility of bladder cancer.


5.  A research that was done by the World Health Organization proved that the green tea could prevent cancers. Among the food chain, onion, bean, eggplant and garlic etc.... have the most prevention against the cancers.       

6.  The acupuncture does not have the direct effect to kill the cancer cells, but the function of the acupuncture similar to interferon that can indirectly build up our body defensive system and produce a remarkable effect against cancers.


7.  People needs to keep the acid and alkaline balance in the body.  One who has acidic constitution is the easy target for high blood pressure, heart diseases, diabetes, arteriosclerosis etc....One who has alkaline constitution easily suffered from cancer, respiratory disease, gastric ulcer or asthma...etc...


8.  A vitamin D-3 that is produced naturally from our body can transform the sick cells to the healthy cells.


9.  Some global herbs that contains tiny element of Zinc and Iron like Ginsing and Astragalus are proved to be helpful to control gastrointestinal cancer.    


10. Some lab test proved that to add the global herbs into the radiation

       treatment could prevent the white cells decreasing.


11.  The patients normally suffer the symptoms of nausea and vomiting  when they go through the radiation or chemo treatment. The Ginger water or salt can help ease the symptoms.



For High Blood Pressure Patients   


Most of the medical studies stated that adult's blood pressure, should be 120/80, because the conventional doctors think the number 120/80 is a standard level. So the mass communication also stated that 68% of people over 65 of age had high blood pressure defined as being over 140/90. No matter you agree or not, you are forced to accept that you have hypertension if your blood pressure is higher than 120/80.


 The worse thing about high blood pressure is your doctor prescribes the Statin drugs like Beta-blocker to lower your blood pressure at the first time he checked your blood pressure. If this kind unacceptable thing happens, you should ask another doctor for second opinion and check it again, because most patients being first time in the doctor's office, their blood pressure are gone up, this is natural phenomenon.


The better way to have your correct blood pressure is check it at 10:00am every morning at least 5 to 7 days then show your record to the doctor and let him to decide you have high blood pressure or not.


If you already took the high blood pressure pills, let me tell you the common adverse effects:     


a.  Depression.

b.  Sedation and fatigue.

c.  Impotence and sexual dysfunction (70 drugs for heart or

 blood pressure that can cause sexual dysfunction).

d.  Dizziness.

e.  Loss of appetite and nausea.


Some of the patients with high blood pressure probably are essential hypertension, which basically means this type of high blood pressure without certain cause.


 If people with essential high blood pressure, probably they are under pressure, stress or worry too much for everything, that can make the blood pressure rises markedly.


A 74 year-old male whose blood pressure is 200/90mmHg. He suffers dizziness in the morning. After his doctor prescribes a blood pressure pills for him, his blood pressure dropped to 170/90.  He feels quite well.  But his doctor thinks 170/90 is too high for him and adds another drug for him. When the patient blood pressure dropped to 160/90, he feels awful.


 (Warning: If you currently are taking any medication for blood pressure, DO NOT discontinue or stop taking it, otherwise your blood pressure will shoot back up that may result life-threatening complication).


 The normal range of blood pressure in my opinion which the systolic number (the higher one) should be as following:


30 year old or younger            120 mmHg or lower

30 ~~ 50 year                          120~ 130mmHg

50 ~~ 70                                  130~ 140mmHg

70 or older                               140~ 150mmHg


(Those numbers is just for reference and not a standard rule, if a little bit higher or lower also acceptable).


 About diastolic pressure (the lower one) that most people think the lower is the better that is not quite true because the systolic and diastolic two numbers should be 30 in between, not high and not low.  If 40 in between, that is the best. If lower than 30 or higher than 50, patient need medical attention.


For instance if patient have lower than 30 between the systolic and diastolic, their heart may not work well, because the heart is not quite stretch and deflate to pump the blood to anywhere of the body, people may feel sedation or fatigue just like "The QI is insufficient".


In the same formula, if 50 in between the systolic and diastolic, the heart is too much stretch and deflate, people may feel tired and no strengths all the time.


The above range is only for healthy adults without any symptoms of disease.  If anyone has any question about blood pressure, please ask your doctor.


(To be honest with you, the blood pressure depends on the individual, there is no standard formula, all the number is only for reference).


If you agree my opinion, GOD bless you; otherwise doctor blesses you.   



A b o u t   t h e   d o c t o r

Dr. Frank Shyu is an honest doctor in medical field.  He treats his patients just like he treats his family members.  If patient tells him that his treatment doesn't work, he will feel some kind of guilty, then he cannot have a good sleep at night until he figures out how to improve his treatment.


*  He received his Ph.D. medical degree at Asian American University. (1983)


*  Certificate of Authorization for Service "Instructor"

    from Department of Education in California. (1985)     


*  Professor of American Global University.  (2003)


*  The author of "The Chinese Doctor's Theory" and "Clinical Herbal Medicine".  (1974, 1976)


*  Two medical awards for Acupuncture Science.  (1974)    


*  Practice acupuncture and herbs in Monterey Park

   California since 1980.


S p e c i a l i t y

*  Facial - Rejuvenation

*  Pain control. 

*  Ulcerative Colitis.

*  Cancer care 

*  Heart disease. 

*  Incontinence  

*  Female problems              







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